Parse Server Logs


In this guide, you will learn about Server Access and Server System Logs.


  • Understand the logs.


There are no pre-requisites to read this page.


Searching for logs? You’re in the right place :)

Logs are essential for development or production apps, it is an important way to understand what is happening with an aggregate output of the running processes. You must be able to track the app’s behaviors.

Application event logging is critical for understanding the requests and identify possible loops or bugs in your code.

You can get at Server Settings > Logs > Settings > Server System Log. The block looks like below:

Server Access Log

In this block, the logs contain information about the requests that are coming into the server. The information is essential to understand from where the data is being accessed, and how, by whom and the status of requests.

Server System Log

The Server System Log shows the logs of console.log() and console.error() and all general logs of everything that happens with your app.