Create your first App at Back4App


The first step to start using Back4App is to create a new App. When you create a new App, Back4App automatically creates to you all the backend structure you need to build and scale your app with no worries about infrastructure or eliminating all your DevOps effort.

So, what happens behind the scenes?

Once your app is created on Back4app, we create for you a complete MongoDB database structure with a GraphQL or REST API to each class. An application layer is also deployed to manage all the requests and send them to your database. This structure can deliver all the scalability you need to grow faster your app requests, with all the security and Backup structure required.

The application layer also makes possible to deploy any cloud function you need (written in NodeJS) to code your specific business rules and make your app unique. Also, for every cloud function you create, Back4App creates automatically an endpoint to your application to call it from a GraphQL or REST API.



There are no pre-requisites to create an App at Back4App and it is also free of charge.

Step 1 - Create your Back4App account

To register a Back4App account, go to Back4App website and fill in the form shown in the image below. After that, click on the GET STARTED! button.

Or go to the top menu of Back4App website and click on the SIGN UP button and fill in the form.

There is no cost to create a free account at Back4App. To register you just have to accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Step 2 - Build a new App at Back4App Platform

Right after you registered, Back4App will automatically lead you to App creation form. To effectively create your app at Back4App platform, enter some information about your application, such as your app name (required field) and description. After that, click on the Create button.

If you cancel the app creation at this step or if you want to create your app in another visit to Back4App Website, you can find the form above by logging in and clicking on Build new Aap button at Back4App My Apps page.

Now, the magic happens! At this moment, all your application backend structure is under construction and you don’t need to worry about any infrastructure issue. Back4App builds your database structure, your application layer and your APIs. We do it all, thinking about scalability and security.

It’s done!

You’ve just create your app at Back4App Platform.

Welcome to the app creation dashboard! Here you will find all the resources to easily build your app database and functions.


At this guide, we show you how to create an App at Back4App. We also described what happens behind the scenes on Back4App servers so you don’t have to worry about the backend of your application. Now, all the effort you save on devOps side you can invest to make your app greater and unique.