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Mobile App Templates


There are no pre-requisites to read this page.


Templates are helpful to reduce the time for app creation, using them you can use a pre-existing structure.

With the app templates, you will reduce the backend creation time significantly, and you will be able to engage more users to use your app.

Along with Back4app, the application code templates help you accelerate the app development cycle, saving months of development.

The current deployment process on Back4App works as follows:

  • A customer purchases the app on Codecanyon
  • The customer needs to create an account on Back4App
  • The customer needs to copy the App ID and Client Key and paste into Config files
  • Upload main.js file to the cloud code
  • Edit records on dashboard (time-consuming process)
  • Create class
  • Create columns
  • Create rows
  • Enter data

Are you interested to contribute? You can publish an app on Hub to help other users :)