Monitor how your app requests are performing


There’s no denying that keeping an eye on the performance of your app requests and preventing them from failing is critical to keep your users engaged with your app. So here’s the good news: after building your app using Back4App you can monitor the behavior of your App requests, by using the Performance report. This report is specifically designed to provide you with the information about the total number of requests your app generated per minute, and also how many requests were successfully served and how many were not.

It will offer you significant information when you are at your peaks, such as if you are exceeding your app requests limits and if your requests are being dropped.

This Analytic Report will work only if the Parse Server version of your app is equal to or greater than 2.8.4.
If you want to manage your Parse Server Version for 2.8.4, follow these instructions.

Getting started

This section explains how to create Performance Analytics Report and display info in the graph based on the statistical data. To start using the Performance report of your app, you need to:

  1. Go to Back4App Website and click on My Apps. Find your app and then click on DASHBOARD.
  2. Select More > Analytics section and click on Performance section under the Analytics tab.

Exploring the report

Now, it’s time to examine your app’s Perfomance report. In order to do that, follow these steps:

  1. First of all, click on the Calendar icon at the right bottom corner of your Dashboard.

    If you can’t see the Calendar icon, scroll down a little bit.

  2. Now, select a particular time frame to execute your performance query. Select a starting date of your query in the left calendar and an ending date in the right one. After that, click on the Run query button.

    You can toggle months by using the top arrows in the calendar box.

    The time period of the query can be at most one month.

    After running an insightful analysis, you should see a graph containing the statistical information about your app’s performance throughout the time frame selected by you (in the above step).The chart will look similar to the image shown below.

    In this graphical representation you see:

    • An orange line indicating the request limit per minute;
    • A green line showing the total number of dropped requests of your app per minute;
    • A red line displaying the exact number of served requests of your app per minute;
    • A blue line signifying the total number of requests per minute, which is equal to the sum of total served requests per minute and dropped requests per minute.
  3. On a side note, if you don’t want to see all this information in the graph at the same time, you don’t have to. As a matter of fact, you can filter the particular ones that you need to plot in the report. To include or exclude a specific value from your chart, selecting the appropriate checkbox options on the top of the graph.

    If you are unable to see the checkboxes, scroll up a little bit.

  4. You can also click on the graph points to see how many requests the application has generated per minute on a particular date and time.

It’s done!

At this stage, you have excellently learned how to explore the Performance report of your app to monitor the performance and behavior of your app requests through Back4App!