Better understand your mobile app with Analytics Tool

Analytics is a powerful tool at Back4App Platform that helps in gaining insightful information about your app visitors and measuring app usage in real-time. It’s a collection of free and cutting-edge solutions that provide you with the informative and statistical reports about growth, user behavior and performance of your app.

Analytics will work only if the Parse Server version of your app is equal to or greater than 2.8.4.
If you want to manage your Parse Server Version for 2.8.4, follow these instructions.

Using Analytics reports it’s possible to determine how your consumers are using, interacting, and engaging with your app as well as how frequently, and when. Moreover, these reports enable you to identify performance improvements opportunities and manage these activities to achieve sustainable results regarding App requests.

Back4App delivers you a set of pre-defined, automatically generated tracking reports, including Audience reports, Events reports, Perfomance reports and Slow Requests Report, to help you track and analyze engagement, conversion, usage behavior, and other significant app metrics.

By using Audience reports you can easily find out the exact number of visitors who have installed your app as well as signed up to your platform per day, week or month. Once you start using the Back4App SDK and Sign Up (User registration) features, you will have these reports automatically configured to your Dashboard. Start using Audience reports now

The Events reports allow you to track your application being launched. You can also view and measure the total number of times your app was opened and then combine the evaluated app open rate with your push notification campaigns or with any other metric that you want. Start using Events reports now

Understand how people are using your app. Measure growth over time, and examine your app’s retention rate. Get to the bottom of slow queries and investigate what’s happening with your app’s API requests.

By using the Performance reports you can monitor app requests limits, how your app requests are performing, how many requests your app is generating per minute, how many are being served, as well as if you have any dropped requests. Start using Performance report now

Furthermore, we also enable you to identify various database bottlenecks and also eliminate app lags with our Slow Query Tool. Back4App automatically recognizes inefficient, problematic and expensive queries that exceed the predefined amount of time to execute. In this manner, you will know exactly where to make corrections in order to optimize slow queries and improve your app’s user experience. Start using Slow query report now

In addition to those pre-defined tracking reports, Analytics tool also enables you to work with Custom Events reports.

The Custom events report is undeniably the most powerful feature of the Analytics tool. It allows you to track any event with just one line of code. Our SDKs make it possible to monitor all the activities happening in your app. To take advantage of this distinctive feature, all you need to do is send us the data and we’ll break it down for you in your Analytics Dashboard. Custom reports can help you understand how your users behave, which will enable you to make informed decisions regarding your app’s marketing and performance optimization. Start using Custom events reports now