Sign In with Apple - Javascript


In this section you learn how to get started with an Javascript template in a few easy steps.


To complete this quickstart, you need:

  • Set up Sign In with Apple in your Apple Developer account.

Step 1 - Get the template

Clone or download the template at
Back4App’s GitHub repository, open the Javascript foder.

Step 2 - Open the project template

  1. Open your editor choice.
  2. Click on File->Open.
  3. Navigate to the project folder and open the file index.html.

Step 3 - Edit the template

Find in the template the following function

    clientId : '',
    scope : 'email',
    redirectURI: '',
    state = random

and replace the values for the clientID and redirectURI for the values you set in your Services ID in your Apple Developer account.
Save and close.

See more at our New Parse App guide.

Step 4 - Test your App

  1. Open your browser of choice
  2. Click on File->Open
  3. Wait until the Sign In with Apple screen appears.
  4. Click the button and do the login process.

If everything works properly, you should be redirected to your URI.

Next Steps

At this point, you have learned how to get started with Javascript.

Learn more by walking around our iOS Tutorials or check Parse open source documentation for iOS SDK.