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Create your first App at Back4App


The first step to start using Back4App is to create a new App. Once you create a new App, Back4App automatically sets up all the backend components necessary to build and scale your App. On your new App, you will find a data and file storage structure, cloud functions, user authentication features, Push Notifications, Backup, GraphQL/REST APIs, and more.

All those backend components are created with security, performance, and scalability in mind, so you don’t need to spend DevOps or backend development effort with them.

After creating an App, you can access them using the Open Source Parse SDKs, using the automatic GraphQL API or the automatic REST API.

In this guide you will learn how to create all this structure in a few clicks.



There are no pre-requisites to create an App at Back4App and it is also free of charge.

Step 1 - Create your Back4App account

To register a Back4App account, go to Back4App website and fill in the form shown in the image below. After that, click on the GET STARTED! button.

Or go to the top menu of Back4App website and click on the SIGN UP button and fill in the form.

There is no cost to create an account at Back4App. To register you just have to accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Step 2 - Create a new app

Right after you create your Back4App account you will see the App creating screen. Giive your App a name and then click on CREATE button.

Then, the magic happens! At this moment, all your application backend structure is under construction.

Step 3 - Navigating on Back4App Dashboard

After creating your App you will see the Dashbobard. Here you can find the Database browser, cloud funcitons, Push Notifications and the other features available at Back4App.

We recommend you to navigate on the onboarding flow to better understand the main Dashboard sessions. .

Go to the App Settings to check your App Keys which will be necessary to connect your App frontend to Back4App.

Conclusion and Next Steps

At this guide, you’ve created a new App at Back4App in the next guide you will connect your App frontend to Back4App and make your first API Call.