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Back4App gives you the tools to develop a complete App backend on cloud including a database with API, cloud functions, push notifications, social login, emails verification, and integrations with third-party services.

Here you will find tutorials, guides, and documentation on how to get started building your App backend with Back4App. In this section, you will learn how to use the two very powerful Back4App features: the Database with API and the Cloud Code Functions.

On the subsequent sections, you will also find advanced documentation about how to send push messages, validate and authenticate a user, implement social login, use the real-time database and manipulate geo-points.

Back4App platform is based on Parse, the most popular open source backend framework. To dive deeper into Parse technology you can access the public Parse repository and check out the specific documentation to your technology.

Have 10 minutes?

Get started with a Hello world tutorial!

Do your first steps in the Back4App Platform. You will learn the very basic elements and build a simple App on the Technology of your choice.

Want to dive deeper?

Develop a complete App with specific guides!

Work through your App technology specific guides, part of our technical documentation, to learn quickly how to build a complete App.

You will learn how to use Back4App for specific use cases like user registration and authentication, social login, send push messages, send real-time messages and integrations with third-party services.

You will also find guidance on how to manage your App using Analytics. This is a powerful tool at Back4App Platform that helps gaining insightful information about your app visitors and measuring app usage in real-time.

Get started with your specific technology development guide:

Get a full understanding of Parse open source technology

Back4app is built on the top of the open source Parse framework, here, you can find detailed information on how this technology works.

Learn what is Parse Object, Parse GraphQL or REST API, how to make advanced queries and how to manage security using Parse on your Apps.

You can read the full documentation of Parse for each technology below: